Top Ranking Search Engine Optimization PPC / Keywords advertising
To create a web site thinking about his positioning in the various search engines is a must to obtain high visibility. On Internet it is the target that looks for you: make you visible in the right place at the proper time. Pay per click: you have to pay just when users surf your site. It is a useful and flexible device for a high quality web traffic.

Web Marketing Team is the ideal partner to make you develop on Internet. We employ the network as an instrument of communication and work, and use the marketing as a medium to streamline the outcomes of our effort.

Web Marketing is our strong point. It comprises a series of actions, all addressed to a web site's ROI (return on investment) increase. The purpose of our work is to produce and to address high quality web traffic toward our custumers' sites so to reach real and clear outcomes.

But, it is a work that usually requires suitable instruments to be done in the most profitable way as possible . It is for this reason that we focus on search engines: our aim is to make your site ever-present and visible in them.

Here you are some of the sevices we provide:

* RANKING :: web sites index-linking and their placement in search engines
* SEM :: Search Engine Marketing
* SEO :: Search Engine Optimization
* PPC / KEYWORDS ADVERTISING :: Pay Per Click advertising
* TRACKING :: Conversion Tracking / Web Analytics
* LINKS :: Links advertising management
* WEB DESIGN :: Web sites planning and construction
* ACCESSIBILITY :: standard and easily accessible sites

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