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To create a web site thinking about his positioning in the various search engines is a must to obtain high visibility. On Internet it is the target that looks for you: make you visible in the right place at the proper time. Pay per click: you have to pay just when users surf your site. It is a useful and flexible device for a high quality web traffic.

A visibility increase is possible!

There are several factors that contribute to obtain relevant search engine positioning for a web site. One of the essential aspects concerning the biggest and most popular search engines in the world is Link Popularity. Talking about Google another important factor is a high Page Rank of the web site and its pages.

Page Rank: Google developed an algorithm to calculate web pages visibility. The pagerank is a standard of popularity valuation conceived to show web pages or web sites having wider visibility in accordance with the terms we are looking for. Google gives a certain level of popularity to each web site and/or web page, a sort of "mark" used to improve a site's search engine positioning (we suggest to use Firefox with the Google Toolbar to verify the Page Rank of a site or a specific web page).

The idea of Google is that web pages importance is necessarily linked to the evolution of the concept of the page's Link Popularity.

Link Popularity: it is one of the main activities of search engine marketing and search engine positioning. Its purpose is to improve the visibility of a site, its positioning in search engines and its Page Rank, thanks to a set and careful link campaign (using high quality pertaining links coming from web sites having an high Page Rank).

The service we provide tends to guarantee a high quality Link Popularity through:

* accurate and high quality links;
* links coming from sites having a high Page Rank;
* insertion of links into important portals and web sites (generic and sectorial sites);
* campaigns and press reviews.

Web Marketing Team is a group experienced in high quality link advertising; we constantly pay attention to computer innovations to make an operative and correct search engine positioning of a site through a high quality link popularity and a costant page rank increase.

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