Top Ranking Search Engine Optimization PPC / Keywords advertising
To create a web site thinking about his positioning in the various search engines is a must to obtain high visibility. On Internet it is the target that looks for you: make you visible in the right place at the proper time. Pay per click: you have to pay just when users surf your site. It is a useful and flexible device for a high quality web traffic.

... quality, usability and visibility!

Web design: literally it means design for world wide web; practically it is the work of conception, planning and costruction of a web site designed to be used in the net with a common browser.

Computer accessibility (or Web Accessibility): it is the ability of a service to be easily reachable by all kinds of user. On Internet an "accessible web site" is a site with an easily available content; it must be compatible with the highest number of users, softwares, browsers, operating systems and computers as possible. Internet even fixes some standard features to define accessibility in the net. Today in Italy, all the new web sites and the computer updatings into the public bodys or private bodys addressed to the public have to keep to the "Legge Stanca" , operative since the end of 2005.

In Web Marketing Team group you can find all the different professional figures taking part in the process of conception and creation of a web site. We always pay great attention to all the steps in this process, from construction to a good search engine positioning.

We give special attention to :

* high quality design;
* content's usability;
* full accessibility with any kind of browser and operating system;
* search engine friendly (optimization, done to obtain the best outcomes by the site placement in search engines).

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