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To create a web site thinking about his positioning in the various search engines is a must to obtain high visibility. On Internet it is the target that looks for you: make you visible in the right place at the proper time. Pay per click: you have to pay just when users surf your site. It is a useful and flexible device for a high quality web traffic.

From statistics to a new business plan...

In a Search Engine Marketing campaign it is really important to employ some specific check techniques useful to analise the achieved results. The lack of instruments and experience for an accurate analysis both of the traffic addressed towards a web site and of the ROI (return on investment) often causes the failure of the campaign.

If every search engine campaign purpose is to convey and to promote its product/service to the proper target range, the ability to control the trend of the campaign can't be considered a final step of this process.

There are some useful steps to understand the outputs of a specific campaign, such as the ability to scan the campaign trend, the ability to check users' visits and the ability to calculate the return on investment; all essential devices for an increase of the campaign's results.

Web Marketing Team uses flexible, complete and transparent methods and analysis software. We personally follow, analyse and wonder each passage and each investment of the Search Engine Marketing campaign with the customer.

Thanks to our method and to the analysis instruments employed, in fact we are able both to make some data statistic analysis (pages that have been visited, number of accesses, frequent paths in the site etc.) and to check and follow the behaviour of the single user relating to specific actions or events for which the site has been created (to sell a product, to obtain a contact, etc.).

The purposes of this delicate stage include:

* to be able to establish, in an analytical way, the effectiveness of a Web Marketing campaign;
* to be able to consider how a site can reach and satisfy the set purposes;
* to be able to optimize moreover the campaign going upon the results obtained and the analysis consequently made;
* ROI (return on investment of the campaign) increasing;
* reports and detailed and trasparent analysis.

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